Color Screen

A beautiful iOS app that provides an excellent solution for lighting macro photography scenes.

Pick any color

Color Screen app provides a wide range of colors to choose from. Once you find a color that you like, turn up the brigtness and let the iDevice screen light up your scene.

Gather Favorites

Once you find the colors that work perfectly, add them to favorites for one-tap setup in future for consitent lighting across sessions.

Consistent Scene Setup

Set up your scene consistently every time by using favorites and capture that perfect shot.


Color Screen app was purpose-built for dynamically lighting macro photography scenes. It uses the beautiful & bright screens of iOS devices to add colors to a carefully set up scene.

Works great on all iPhones

Color Screen app works on all iPhone screen sizes. It works on any iPhone running iOS 9.0. iPad version coming soon.


There are minimal controls on the main color screen. The app also allows to hide almost all interaction elements from the screen. This, along with the absence of ad banners provides the purest colors.


Color screen allows you to save your favorite colors for the light screen and allows one tap set up to that color. This allows for consistently-lit scenes across shots and setups.


Color Screen is completely free to use. No ads, no in-app purchases.


Download Color Screen app on App Store.